AI is Raising Expectations for Your Patient Support Contact Center

Artificial intelligence is helping companies across every industry solve entrenched challenges and better engage with customers, presenting tremendous growth opportunities and competitive advantages. It’s also creating buyer and consumer expectations for customized experiences whenever they…

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Does Your Patient Support Program Really Know Your Patients?

As the specialty drug market has exploded in growth this past decade, patient support service programs have been forced to evolve to keep pace. For pharma and biotech manufacturers, with mammoth investments and patient lives on the line, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Maximizing the ability of…

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Patient Adherence Shouldn’t Be a Guessing Game

“AI is fascinating. I hear about it all the time. But how do I really apply it to my patient support program?”  It’s a question I’m asked a lot.    I lead business development for AppianRx, a healthcare technology firm that uses AI solutions to help manufacturers increase patient adherence and…

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